Agape Family Health Launches Wellness on Wheels with Jacksonville Transportation Authority

Agape Family Health Launches Wellness on Wheels with Jacksonville Transportation Authority

Agape Family Health has teamed up with the Jacksonville Transportation Authority to launch Wellness on Wheels, a program designed to bring comprehensive healthcare services to the doorsteps of people in need. This initiative is focused on improving access to vital medical services for those who might not otherwise have the opportunity. Through this collaboration, Agape will provide check-ups, screenings, vaccinations, and more to those living in underserved areas. The program brings a new meaning to health care – literally taking it for a ride! With this exciting development, Jacksonville residents now have greater access to healthcare than ever before.

How it Started

Wellness on Wheels is an initiative to bring important healthcare services and treatments to underserved communities that otherwise may not have access. This innovative program was spearheaded by two exemplary teams, our world-class Maintenance and Transit Operations Teams, who worked tirelessly to convert four buses into mobile clinics. With the help of Agape Family Health, they successfully provided COVID-19 vaccines and boosters at senior centers, business parks, and neighborhoods that often need to be included in terms of access to healthcare resources.

The impact of Wellness on Wheels has been far-reaching, with over 12,000 people benefiting from much-needed vaccinations and booster shots thanks to this project. The life-changing power of this work speaks volumes about our mission as a company, ensuring all people, no matter where they live, have access to important medical resources when they need it most. Our core values also come into play here because we strive for inclusion and collaboration amongst all members of society.

Since its launch, Wellness on Wheels has become a beacon of light for many individuals who otherwise wouldn’t be able to receive potentially life-saving treatments. Not only can these mobile clinics bring necessary supplies directly into neighborhoods that may not have easy access to them, but they can also provide education about the importance of preventative healthcare measures like getting vaccines and booster shots regularly. Furthermore, the fact that these clinics are available in multiple locations makes them particularly useful for those unable or uncomfortable with traveling long distances to get treatment or medication. 

Stay Healthy On The Go With Our Mobile Health Services

The success of Wellness on Wheels shows how powerful collaborative efforts can be in providing vital healthcare services even during times of great adversity, like a global pandemic. Going forward, we hope that more initiatives like this will continue to multiply so that everyone is given equal access regardless of their circumstances or location. Here at Agape Family Health, we are dedicated to ensuring every person is given the tools they need to secure their health and well-being safely and securely.

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